Old Friends

February 15, 2016

Once in awhile on our traveling adventures, we are able to stop to visit old friends that we have made during our three years on the road. A lot can change in three years but one thing does not and that is “Old Friends”.

The first time Morgan- The Sidekick and Maggie met was two years ago. Maggie was a student in Silent Sidekicks’ very first puppy socialization class. Morgan was a year older and immediately started showing Maggie the ropes of being a well socialized pup. They became fast friends. Even after the class was over, Morgan would stop by to check-in on Maggie at the Golden Key Senior Center in Lincoln, ME, where Maggie has become the resident dog.

Although our schedule keeps us pretty busy with events, we still make the time to stop by to visit our friends at the Golden Key Senior Center when we are in the area. Morgan and Maggie enjoy the time to just play and to be DOGS…and to be old friends.

Danielle & Morgan- The Sidekick


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