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Silent Sidekicks is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides information and education about animal-assisted therapy/activities and the services of trained volunteer handler-animal teams to communities throughout the State of Maine and the Canadian Province of New Brunswick.

  • Our Mission

    Our Mission is to enrich people’s lives and promote health and happiness through positive experiences with animals.

    We accomplish this by creating events and activities in the community that promote the awareness of the benefits of the Human-Animal Bond. We recruit, train and match Silent Sidekick teams with health care facilities, hospitals, schools and libraries that would like to have animal-assisted therapy/activity programs.

  • Volunteer Today!

    Our volunteers consist of trained human and animal teams. Our therapy animals have been trained and evaluated for health, safety, skills and temperament.

    We encourage cats, bunnies, Guinea pigs, horses, and dogs (and many others species) along with their humans to be part of our Volunteer network of teams.