• Reader of the Pack

In this library and school program, each child receives supervised reading practice for fifteen minutes with the animal to build vocabulary, increase understanding of material, and gain fluency as a reader. Participating kids in the Reader of the Pack program make enormous strides in reading and communication skills while also building self-esteem, confidence and social skills. This program also includes fun and creative activities along with rewards for the children.

  • Paws and Effect Club

This program is for teens who are interested in animals and learning how to train and work with therapy dogs in Maine or New Brunswick.

The Paws & Effect Club encourages teens to learn more about the human- animal bond, its benefits, and how to use it to help others. The program involves teens in the training of dogs for animal-assisted therapy, activities, and educational programs, while acquiring the knowledge to take and to pass the Pet Partner’s Handlers Course and become a registered Pet Partner. The benefits; unconditional love that a dog offers, positive reinforcement necessary to train dogs, self-discipline, responsibility, teaching, and social skills. By the end of the program, we hope that the teens will be empowered to use these new skills in their daily lives, including service to others in their community.

  • Animal-Assisted Academic Support Program

This is a high school (or higher) program which helps students with their academics through animal-assisted therapy, activities, and educational programs. In this program high school students have fifteen minutes of time to interact with an animal. During this time they practice their reading skills, speech skills, and communication skills. The program is also beneficial for students who may be having a bad day by providing possible stress relief. This program is also an opportunity to provide stress relief to college students, especially during exam time.

  • Fit, Fur, Fun

The purpose of the program is to encourage and engage children in physical activity through a fun and inclusive way with the use of therapy dogs. We know that not all children enjoy participating in traditional physical education programs, thus our “Fit, Fur, Fun” program would use creative activities to engage even the most reluctant participants. By creating activities that the children can do in partnership with a therapy dog, we hope to encourage lifelong physical fitness in children who wouldn’t typically participate in traditional physical education programs or mainstream sports.

  • After School Activities Program

This program is tailored specifically to each location and their after school programs. The program can include elements of other Silent Sidekick programs such as the “Reading to the Animals Program”, “Fit, Fur, Fun” and the “Silent Sidekicks Visiting Program”.

  • Animal- Assisted Crisis Response Program

In the Animal- Assisted Crisis Response Program we give comfort to the victims and/or first responders in natural disasters, tragedies, or other events where needed.

  • Educational Program

Here, educational presentations are given at schools, facilities, or organizations about the human-animal bond and benefits of animal-assisted therapy, activities, and other educational programs.

  • Silent Sidekicks Visiting Program

In the Silent Sidekicks Visiting Program, volunteer Silent Sidekick Teams (each consisting of one human and one animal) visit people in health care facilities (civilian or military), veteran facilities, nursing homes, or provide in-home visits for home bound individuals. Our volunteers typically participate in casual “meet and greet” activities with the residents through this program.