A New Friend & A New Life

August 8, 2016

We meet all kinds of people and animals on our travels between events. Last week, was no different. However, where we met our new friend was unusual though!

Each week, we stop at Camp to check on things and so Morgan can take a long run through the woods and just be a dog. She even finds a mud hole now and then. It is a good thing the lake is close by for a swim!

This time of year the lake is busy with activity. It’s much different than the middle of winter when no one is around. On this day, we drove down the camp road and in the distance there was a small animal. That is not unusual in the woods in Maine. It would be more surprising, if you didn’t see an animal! This animal was different though. At first, it looked like a bunny hopping across the road but as we got closer, we could see that it was a small kitten. She looked like she was not more than six weeks old.

We stopped the car. Morgan curiously watched out the window, as I tried to catch this kitten to no avail. She ran deep into the forest. We left defeated and hurried onto our meeting… which we were now late for. There would be no time for Morgan to run or swim that day. All night long, all I could think of was that kitten and if she was finding shelter from the rain. Little did we know that many other camp owners had seen her, tried to catch her, and were worried about her, too.

Through a series of phone calls, we found out that the kitten was abandoned and camp owners had been trying to catch her and help her for days. The next morning, we woke up and headed back to camp before we had to get back on the road to start our adventure. There was a chance that we could spot her on the edge of the woods and help her. As we approached the spot where we had seen her the previous day, there she was! Just walking down the road! This time we came prepared to help this little gal. Using a small towel, I was able to throw it and safely catch her. She was so tired that she could barely make a peep. Wrapped in a towel, Morgan and I took her to a nearby camp for help. They gave us some water and tuna fish (which she gobbled up) and a box. Once she had a full belly, she fell right asleep. We made a few phone calls. Within an hour, we found a loving family who wanted to bring her home.

Piper, as she is called now, has settled in to her new family. She is warm and safe and fed. We hope that you live out the happiest life, Piper! We have had many adventures on the road but this is definitely the happiest ending, so far!

Danielle & Morgan- The Sidekick

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