Finding Your Inner Dog

April 30, 2018

Research has shown that dogs are affected by meeting new people day after day and absorbing stress from others. It’s important that Therapy Dogs have a chance to have time to relax. It’s just as important for them, as it is for humans. One of the ways that Morgan spends her time is at camp. Regardless of the season, it is a great place to just unwind from busy weeks of traveling to therapy visits and activities.

The Spring brings warmer weather and lots of mud! Morgan knows all the secret mud spots and enjoys swimming in the lake to clean off. It’s a great way for her to have fun and get in touch with her inner dog. It’s always important for us humans to remember that our dogs feel stress and even more so when they are a working dog.

We’d love to hear some of the ways your dog likes to relax. Feel free to share them in the comments.

Danielle & Morgan –The Sidekick

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