The Road & New (Ad)Ventures

August 10, 2015

July came and went quickly as we traveled over 4000 miles and participated in 19 animal-assisted therapy, activities and educational events throughout Maine and New Brunswick. Every back road, rest stop, and small town (that we hardly ever see a person at in the winter) was filled with friendly people (mostly tourists) wanting to say “Hi” to Morgan- The Sidekick. We never know what adventures the trip will lead us on or who (or what) we might see. We are always happy to meet new people during our travels to and from events but it is always special to see people who have been part of our journey since the beginning. We had the chance to do just that in July.

Morgan and I enjoyed visiting with New Ventures Maine’s (formerly known as Women, Work, and Community) Aroostook County Staff and Ambassadors at the University of Maine at Presque Isle. New Ventures Maine helped me (and Morgan) develop the skills and knowledge that we needed to make Silent Sidekicks blossom from just a dream to a reality! New Ventures Maine helps people all over Maine venture in new directions with their careers, businesses, and personal finances. Morgan was happy to receive all kinds of love and affection from the staff and ambassadors…and can’t wait to see them again when our adventures take us back to Presque Isle.

– Danielle & Morgan- The Sidekick

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